In-school workshop

What are the different forms of energy? How can technology help us to create more energy for the world while limiting harmful carbon emissions? How can engineering help conserve energy?

Energy Quest begins with a half day in-school workshop for students from Year 7, 8 or 9. It’s made up of four interactive sessions with the engineering careers message running throughout. After completing the workshop, pupils undertake a Carbon Capture and Storage project in school with the help of their teachers over 6-8 weeks.

Energy Quest aims to improve the pupils’ understanding of energy as a resource and the role that engineering plays in energy generation and distribution in the UK. The workshop also increases students’ awareness of the variety of career opportunities in the sector.

The Energy Quest aims to reach 650 schools and up to 73,500 young people over three years.

How to get involved

Find out about employer opportunities related to Energy Quest by emailing Jo Hill.

We’re also looking for volunteers for Energy Quest across the UK. Find out how you can get involved.

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Energy Quest school case studies

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