From Business Woman to Engineer

Name: Louise Butler
Age: 40
Qualifications: MSc Manufacturing Engineering and Management, University of Nottingham
Job Title: Shift Operations Manager
Employer: Walkers Snack Foods Ltd, PepsiCo

Louise Butler - PepsiCo

In her teens and twenties Louise had always been interested in going into business-focused career. However, after Louise had her first child, she felt it was the perfect time to change careers and move into a more managerial role.


You managed a team of engineers at PepsiCo’s Bursom Road factory, tell us about that.

I really loved managing a team of such challenging, intellectual people. I also loved the problem-solving aspect of the job and making sure the factory was running smoothly.


In fact it was working with these engineers that inspired you to do a Masters degree in Engineering and Manufacturing Management after your daughter started school…

PepsiCo was really supportive of me during these two and a half years, providing me with flexible working hours, alongside sponsoring my degree.

My family have been so supportive of my decision to change careers – they are really proud that I went back to university, still worked, all whilst having a child. However, I’m not sure I would have been able to do it without the support of some of my team, who have acted as great mentors, advised me, and took the time out to encourage me.


What would you say to women that are still mulling over a decision in engineering?

Don’t be fearful, believe in yourself and stand up for yourself. As a woman, you can provide a completely different perspective, which is incredibly important.

The generation coming through our door as graduates have a great mind-set – they really believe they can do anything, and they can!


You’re now looking to become a PepsiCo STEM ambassador – why does that interest you?

I hope to be able to provide the support that I was so lucky to receive.