Case study: Tomorrow's Engineers Energy Quest

Name: John Donnelly
Job title: Deputy Rector
School: Glenwood High School
Region: Fife, Scotland

Why did you take part in the TE Energy Quest programme?
To enthuse our S1 pupils with STEM.

How have the pupils benefitted from taking part?
Increased pupil engagement/motivation in STEM subjects.

Energy Quest

What are the positive outcomes of taking part?
Increased pupil engagement/motivation in STEM subjects. Contextualised learning.

How has the TE Energy Quest fitted in with your curriculum?
Complemented very well with our S1 curriculum in particular.

Energy Quest

Why is it important to you to inspire your pupils to consider engineering as a career option? Scotland's international reputation as sector leading engineers as well as Fife's national reputation.

What would you say to other schools thinking about taking part in the programme?
Engage without hesitation and your pupils will not regret it.

Energy Quest

Quotes from pupils:
"The energiser day was a great day, lots of fun."
"The competition was really exciting even though we didn't win."
"Can't wait to get learning more."

Quote from teacher:

"The Energiser day was very inspirational for our pupils and the resources for the CCS project are fantastic." 


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