Case study: Tomorrow's Engineers Energy Quest

Name: Elaine Ross
Job title: Physics Teacher
School: Inverkeithing High School
Region: Fife, Scotland

Why did you take part in the TE Energy Quest programme?
I thought it sounded interesting, interactive- getting the pupils involved. I thought it would be up-to-date and so much more relevant to the pupils.

Energy Quest

How have the pupils benefitted from taking part?
The pupils have learned to work in groups better - respecting one another's opinions. They have listened to the presenter and Shell STEM Ambassadors with interest and more understanding as they could ask questions. More awareness of what's involved in oil extraction etc.

What are the positive outcomes of taking part?
Better knowledge that's up-to-date, career opportunities in the industry, and understanding that you don't need to go to university.

Energy Quest

How has the TE Energy Quest fitted in with your curriculum?
We were able to offer this in 2 sessions this year so we had 120 pupils attending. It was treated as a standalone activity but as we embed some of the CCS into the course it will have even more meaning.

Why is it important to you to inspire your pupils to consider engineering as a career option?
Good career path that has many routes/progressions.

Energy Quest

What would you say to other schools thinking about taking part in the programme?
We have found the Energy Quest sessions excellent, the presenter was able to keep the groups inspired and focussed. The presenter and Shell STEM Ambassadors opened the pupils’ eyes to alternative career paths, they were engaging. The CCS resources are good, adaptable and offer extra practical opportunities. 


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