Case study: Tomorrow's Engineers Energy Quest

Name: Alexis Dean
Job title: Principal Teacher Achievement
School: Northfield Academy
Region: Aberdeen, Scotland

Why did you take part in the TE Energy Quest programme?
We were interested in the TE Energy Quest programme as it was a good opportunity to engage a large number of pupils in STEM activities outside of the normal curriculum. Receiving the CSS kit means that we can use it with future year groups.

Energy Quest

How have the pupils benefitted from taking part?
Development of team working and a wide range of problem solving skills.

What are the positive outcomes of taking part?
Pupils enthused about STEM in particular Science, and opportunity to use knowledge and skills developed in the classroom in a different context.

How has the TE Energy Quest fitted in with your curriculum?
Energiser Day allowed reflection on the renewable and non-renewable topic which had been taught in August. CSS project used at the end of S2 as an interdisciplinary Science Activity.

Energy Quest

Why is it important to you to inspire your pupils to consider engineering as a career option?
It is important in that it allows pupils to appreciate how engineering fits in with more traditional STEM career options. It allows pupils to make informed subject choices throughout their time at school and beyond.

What would you say to other schools thinking about taking part in the programme?
The Energiser morning was excellent and the presenter really engaged the pupils. The task was challenging, but accessible to pupils. The CSS kit is excellent as it contains a comprehensive supply of materials required for all tasks.

Energy Quest

Quotes from pupils:
"Awesome, awesome, awesome", quote from pupil using the CSS kit.

Quote from teacher:
"What a great resource. It's easy to use. It can be adapted to suit a variety of teaching scenarios, both individual, small group and whole class." Quote from teacher who used kit with Science club. 


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