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Electron Pioneer

As an electron pioneer you improve every element of everyday life. You could use your chemical engineering skills to design and manage processes that turn raw materials such as oil into everyday products such as smartphones. You could be solving problems on a chocolate production line, creating new technologies to combat air or water pollution, or developing new ways to beat cancer.

Job examples

Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers create processes and products which touch every aspect of our lives - from developing smaller, faster computer chips to innovating the way we recycle, treat disease, clean water and generate power.

Process Engineer

Process engineers are chemical engineers who work on developing and improving manufacturing and industrial processes such as producing food, making paints or plastics, refining oil and treating water.

Cosmetic Scientist

Cosmetic scientists are in demand by many companies. They create new cosmetics like make-up, shampoo and sun-cream. They make formulas, test products, control quality and can specialise in areas such as organics.