Meet the Future You

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Future Lifesaver

As a future lifesaver the world depends on you. You could use your biomedical engineering or medical physics expertise in a hospital, a lab or in industry, coming up with innovations that improve our health and quality of life. You could be developing medical devices such as MRI scanners, researching tissue for implants, designing prosthetic limbs, and using robots to perform operations remotely.

Job examples

Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical engineers combine engineering and materials technology to improve healthcare. They design medical products such as joint replacements, robotic surgical instruments and equipment to help people with special needs.

Medical Phycisist

Medical physicists improve patients' health. They could be working with doctors on the diagnosis and treatment of specific medical conditions, such as advising on radiation treatments for cancer patients.

3D Organ Printing Technician

Much of the work of 3D organ printing technicians is still in the research and developmental phase, but rapid progress in the field means that printing artificial organs for patients will become extremely important in the future.