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Materials Maker

As a materials maker you shape the products of the future. Working in manufacturing and materials engineering, you could use your skills to work out how to get the best out of all the materials available to us in the safest, greenest way possible, turning raw materials into finished products. You could work with cars, wind turbine blades, sports equipment, packaging and smartphones.

Job examples

Materials Engineer

Materials engineers explore ways to combine materials to make products stronger, lighter, more effective or more hard-wearing, from computer chips and aircraft wings to tennis rackets and biomedical devices.

Product Engineer

Product engineers are responsible for bringing new products to market, managing all stages of the process from design through to final production. This includes looking at cost, look and feel, functionality and performance.

Sustainability Manager

Sustainability managers help companies take steps towards a greener future, implementing cost-effective measures to protect the environment and meet the needs of present and future generations.