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Mechanical Marvel

As a mechanical marvel you keep the world in motion. You could work in the field of mechanical or biomechanical engineering. Your work might involve anything from designing Formula 1 cars and building planes to creating artificial heart valves and developing prosthetic limbs. Every machine you can think of relies on the skills of a mechanical engineer.

Job examples

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers deal with anything that moves, finding practical solutions to problems. This huge field ranges from nuclear fusion and artificial hearts to building planes and designing driverless cars.

CAD Technician

CAD or computer-aided design technicians use software to create design plans for buildings, machinery and products. You could work in a wide range of industries from car manufacturing to designing sports equipment.

Biomechanical Engineer

Biomechanical engineers combine mechanical engineering with biology to create everyday products that improve people's quality of life. This could include environmentally safe plastics, food, fabrics and medicines.