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Sea Crusader

As a sea crusader, dive into an ocean of possibilities! You could use your marine engineering skills as part of a team that constructs off-shore platforms, explores the sea bed, designs ships and remotely operated underwater vehicles, or even plans lighthouses.

Job examples

Marine Engineer

Marine engineers use their technical skills and knowledge to design, build, install and maintain the propulsion systems, steering, engines and other equipment that make boats work. They might work on ships, cruise liners, hovercraft and submarines.

Subsea Engineer

Subsea engineers work on underwater projects such as ocean exploration, remote- controlled underwater vehicles, submarine communications, seafloor mineral mining, oil and gas pipelines and offshore wind power.

Naval Architect

Naval architects are responsible for ship design. They manage the whole process, from the concept through to the delivery. They manage teams of engineers and work on all types of vessel, from rescue boats to yachts.