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Universe Explorer

As a universe explorer, the sky's not the limit! Your aerospace engineering skills could help you design the next generation of aircraft, reduce the pollution caused by air travel, build drones and put satellites in space. You might also work in the transport sector and Formula 1.

Job examples

Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineers design, develop and test the performance of civil and military aircraft, drones, satellites, space vehicles and their components. They help to improve safety, efficiency and environmental impact.

Flight Simulation Technician

Flight simulator technicians maintain and repair flight simulators which artificially re-create aircraft flight in order to train pilots and inform the design of aircraft.

Space Structures Engineer

Space structures engineers design equipment for the space industry, such as launch pads, shuttles and space stations. They have a key role in ensuring the safety of equipment and crews. For example, they might look at the effects of solar storms on the international space station.