Embedded Learning Teacher Survey

Teachers rate Tomorrow's Engineers programmes highly

The findings of the EngineeringUK Embedded Learning Teacher Survey indicate that teachers whose students have taken part in activities run by EngineeringUK, including Tomorrow's Engineers EEP Robotics Challenge, Tomorrow's Engineers Energy Quest and the Big Bang, rate and recommended the programmes highly.



Significantly, the large majority of respondents say that participating in the activities has increased their students’ interest in engineering, inspired their students to want to become engineers and raised their students' awareness of the variety and diversity of engineering professions.



Dr Mollie Bourne, EngineeringUK Research and Impact Manager, says: "Each year, we survey teachers whose students have taken part in our STEM engagement activities to ask about their experience and about what they feel their students have gained from attending. This feedback is really valuable for us, helping us to improve our programmes and ensure that what we are delivering high quality, impactful activities for young people. We’ve summarised the headline findings in a report which shows that many teachers rate our activities highly and agree that they are really beneficial for their students."



434 teachers whose students had attended a Big Bang or Tomorrow’s Engineers activity completed the Embedded Learning Survey between July 2018 and August 2019. Responses to the survey questions were based on the most recent event their students had attended over the preceding 12 months.



You can read the headline findings from the survey here.