Making Waves

In this video, Acoustic Engineer Arthur Lewis-Nunes tells us about his job and takes us round a school with excellent acoustics, which he helped design. Some musicians even drop by to help test it out!

This video comes complete with a practical engineering activity that you can use at home or in a lesson, which can be found here: Download Making Waves - acoustic engineering and sound control and other activities.


"You are working as an acoustic engineer for Sound Designs, a company who work with architects to make sure sound travels well, or can be controlled, in a new building. Your company has been given the task of designing a new school hall for Little Town Academy."


This activity will give students a better understanding of how sound is reflected and absorbed and how acoustic engineers work to give us a good experience of sound in buildings, vehicles, at festivals and more.


This film was developed in partnership with the Nuffield Foundation and Max Fordham engineers.