What is engineering?

Engineering is everywhere, helping transform people's lives around the globe. The work that engineers do is creative and hands-on. It's about designing things, finding solutions and improving things.

As an engineer, you could tackle some of the world's most pressing problems – from dealing with cyber security and maintaining clean water and energy supplies to finding sustainable ways to grow food, build houses and travel.

Engineering is behind everything, from your smartphone and hair styling products to the car you travel in and the shoes on your feet. You could be working with new materials, chemicals and technology to design sports clothing, preserve food or make the latest skincare products. Or you could be part of a team that works on driverless vehicles, surgical robots or improving cyber security.

What is an engineer?

Engineers use maths, science - especially physics - and subjects such as D&T, computing, electronics and construction, to turn ideas into reality.  Engineers create special effects for film, design future modes of transport, create earthquake detection systems, help everyone in the world access clean water, work with athletes to improve performance, develop lifesaving medical equipment and explore the universe.

Download our 'What is engineering' leaflet for more information because whatever you’re into – whether it's music or wildlife, sport or space – there's a world of exciting possibilities on offer as there are loads of different types of engineering. You could travel the world, earn a great wage, meet interesting people and help transform lives.

Hear from real engineers

Find out more about what it’s like to be an engineer by hearing from engineers about their jobs and what inspires them on our Real Jobs page.


What is engineering?

If you’re interested in finding out more about engineering and the exciting and rewarding careers you could be doing in the future, download this leaflet for inspiration.

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