Work experience

Work Experience

If you’re interested in becoming an engineer, why not find some work experience and be one step ahead! One of the simplest ways of finding work experience is through a relative, friend or teacher who may know someone in the profession or industry you are interested in.

The STEM Exchange

Acts as a matching service, providing teachers and young people (aged 14 and over) with the opportunity to access face-to-face science, technology, engineering and maths experiences offered by employers.


An award winning charity which empowers Year 12 students from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their potential and progress to STEM and research careers through high quality work placements and careers guidance.


Students in years 9 to 11 are sometimes able to do work experience, giving them a flavour of what the world of work is like. It can be a useful opportunity to experience a career that you are considering going into in the future, and you may even make some useful connections! Family members, neighbours, relatives, friends, careers advisers, STEM ambassadors, youth workers and teachers may be able to put you in touch with individuals or companies that can offer you some work experience in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) job sectors.

Find out more about work experience

Volunteering is another way to build up some useful work skills and experience, and it looks great on your CV and job applications! If you are between 14 and 25 and you are interested in finding local volunteering opportunities with a number of different organisations and career sectors, visit the VInspired website.

16 plus

At school or college

If you’re still at school or college, speak to your careers adviser/co-ordinator or the person responsible for work experience. They may have links with local companies and organisations that will be able to offer you work experience.

At university 

Visit the GOV.UK website to search and apply for internships, or head to the Prospects website for useful tips on finding work experience.

Contacting companies directly

You may find that contacting local companies directly is the best way to find work experience.

You can find out more information about the engineering companies (including email addresses and telephone numbers) in your area at

Larger companies that employ engineers may advertise work experience vacancies on their websites; or via organisations such as Target Jobs.

When contacting companies directly, you should briefly introduce yourself via email or telephone and follow up with a covering letter and CV. You can find more about covering letters and CVs under our Careers inspiration section.