Selling engineering

Name: Serena Yeats
Age: 23
Job title:  Graduate Engineer - Graduate Specialist Programme – Automotive
Employer: Bosch Engineering Group
Qualifications: MEng Mechanical Engineering at University of Liverpool - 1st class degree.

Serena Yeats 

Tell us about your current position at Bosch.

I work in a sales role for BEG (Bosch Engineering Group.) The sales team is a new organisation within BEG since January 2016 and we sell engineering services to UK customers, such as Aston Martin and McLaren.

I am supporting the team in a sales coordination role. 


What do you most like about working at Bosch?

I like being challenged to solve problems and finding solutions to those problems.

Also studying a subject at university that leads directly to a career and to be able to use some of these skills in a job is important.


What’s the most challenging thing about being an engineer?

Being on top of and understanding the advancing technology as everything changes so fast.

Serena Yeats

What motivates and inspires you to continue as an engineer?

The fact that the industry will also continue to evolve as technology changes and as an engineer you can be part of that.

In ten years’ time the industry will be different and the opportunity to work with different cutting edge products will be possible and this is exciting that the work you do in engineering will never be stagnant.


What advice or top tip would give someone wanting to become an engineer?

Work hard to gain good grades so you can work in an industry and job that interests you.