Tomorrow's Engineers EEP Robotics Challenge 

What is it?

The EEP Robotics Challenge is an exciting, practical activity where students learn how to build, program and control autonomous LEGO® robots.

The Challenge, carried out in school or at after-school clubs over the course of a term, involves using these skills to complete a series of short, exciting aviation missions using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 sets. From speed racing to humanitarian aid, they’ll demonstrate their skills at challenges held around the country.

Teams also research, design, plan, implement and present their own solution to a contemporary engineering problem – developed with support from the Royal Air Force and Rolls-Royce.

Regional events will take place across the UK between January to March 2019. Dates and venues will be confirmed soon.

How can you help? 

All of our activities are delivered by an experienced education officer, and volunteers play a supporting role in the sessions to bring out and communicate real-world applications of science, technology and engineering.

If you like working with young people and are interested in robotics, you could help us make the day truly exciting and memorable for the students.

- Event volunteers support the logistics of the event and offer useful support and guidance to our enthusiastic young people.

- Volunteer Judges celebrate and assess the Robotics Challenge projects, and ensure that our young students have a positive judging experience.

Are you a host venue?

If you are a host venue providing volunteers, sign up here to ensure you receive all the relevant information. Please complete the application form and our volunteering team will be in touch to support you throughout the process. 


Applications are open until 25 November 2018! 

Follow our How to Apply guide to find out how to get involved.

"I attended thinking I would promote engineering and technology and inspire others. In fact, the reverse happened. I came away inspired by the creativity and technical ability of our young people. This I found truly inspiring."

Ken Mollison, Tomorrow's Engineers EEP Robotics Challenge volunteer

Applications to volunteer open on 15 October 2018

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