Professional and educational background. What do you do?

Senior Lecturer in Physics at the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Glasgow, specialising in nuclear physics, with applications in nuclear decommissioning, environmental radiation and medicine. PhD from the University of Goettingen, Germany and research fellowships in Germany and Canada.


What motivated you to volunteer for the TEEQ programme?

I’ve been a STEM ambassador for about 10 years now, volunteering for a number of activities (e.g K”NEX challenge, Lab in a Lorry) or responding to requests from schools through science connects. TEEQ is a unique programme combining the necessity for education in our future energy needs with basic STEM skills and hence fits very well with some of the motivations which made me pick a physics career in the first place.


What was your role in the TEEQ programme and what sort of things did you do?

I would best describe the role as ‘side kick’ to the TEEQ professional lead. I do think, over a number of joking sessions, we do have developed a good understanding of how to engage with pupils, especially during practice sessions and in preparation of tasks. In addition, there has always been a chance to explain my background and how the TEEQ activities relate to the workplace.


What did you enjoy most about volunteering?

Engaging with pupils of different age groups, backgrounds and abilities, one-on-one discussions, making participants think for themselves and of course the tinkering with the practical aspects of the activity.


Would you recommend volunteering for TTEQ and why?

Yes, I definitely would. TEEQ is well organised and run, which makes it relatively hassle free for a volunteer (which is a big bonus).  More importantly (and this also reflects informal feedback in discussions I had with colleagues and teachers about the activities), it is a well thought out activity which combines practical aspects with understanding and key Laboratory skills which makes it fun for a volunteer, but also worthwhile from a professional point of view.