Professional and educational background. What do you do?

I have an MSci in Geology and an MSc is Petroleum Exploration. I work for EDF Energy on their Commercial Graduate Programme.


What motivated you to volunteer for the TEEQ programme?

I saw it as an opportunity through STEM and thought it would be a good way to improve my presentation skills and public speaking. Additionally it was really close to my office location so I was able to be granted the time off as I could work from home in the morning.


What was your role in the TEEQ programme and what sort of things did you do?

The main activities and presentation for the majority of the day were presented by an external company – however I was able to walk around during the activities to assist with them and give advice/guidance where needed. This was beneficial to the children as they had more direction and attention, and it helped keep them on task and helped tasks keep to time.

My main role to deliver a presentation about EDF and the way in which it provides low carbon energy to the UK. The focus of the day was low carbon/renewable energy so it linked really well and flowed well from the other activities/presentations. I included insight into my day-to-day role and also my career history and education which the young people found really useful.


What did you enjoy most about volunteering? Please provide as many details as possible.

- Feeling that I made a difference or provided guidance for career choices – I think it can be really confusing for young people to choose their path

- Inspiring the younger generation and acting as a role model

- Being able to take about EDF and work they are doing towards a low carbon future, it makes me really proud to represent my company in this way.

- I had lots of interesting questions at the end and so was very pleased to have such an engaged group.