Professional and educational background. What do you do?

I am a retired professional Mechanical Engineer. My life experience includes Handling,  Automatic Fire Suppression Systems Design, Industrial Property Loss Prevention, Business Interruption Loss Estimation and Crisis Management.  I am a registered STEM Ambassador.


What motivated you to volunteer for the TEEQ programme?

The Energy Quest presentation was at a school local to my home – a very relevant factor since I cannot claim for travel expenses.


What was your role in the TEEQ programme and what sort of things did you do?

Answer questions from pupils attending the presentation. Help the pupils understand the tasks presented to them. Gave a short presentation (10 minutes) outlining what I enjoyed in my career as a professional Mechanical Engineer


What did you enjoy most about volunteering?

Opportunity to explain how life as we know it depends upon professional of many different types and areas of activity. Opportunity to explain to students how “Engineering” is more about how think and work in teams than acting as individuals. Opportunity to pass on some of my own experiences to the younger generation


Would you recommend volunteering for TTEQ and why?

YES. - Developing Renewable and non-polluting energy is one of the greatest challenges facing the World today. Another of the great challenges facing the World today is recognising that World impacting challenges require cooperative solutions way beyond individual national politics.