Professional and educational background. What do you do?

I work for Northern Gas Networks as our Education & Employability Champion – it is my job to share our safety message with young people in our network, to Promote STEM subjects & careers and to try and help improve their Employability skills


What motivated you to volunteer for the TEEQ programme?

The future of energy is absolutely at the core of our business and inspiring young minds to care about this is crucially important for the longevity of our sector.


What was your role in the TEEQ programme and what sort of things did you do?

I found the days very interesting and enjoyable but felt I might have like to have input more –  I was left wondering a little what value I had added. Having said that it good to be able to have events where we can just turn up in the day and not have to prepare in advance for it as sometimes.


What did you enjoy most about volunteering? Please provide as many details as possible.

 Jill, the activity lead, did a really good job and was good company – I think the second day in the school hall worked a little better.


Would you recommend volunteering for TTEQ and why? Please provide as many details as possible.

Yes – I think it’s a good event to maybe send people who want to promote STEM but have minimal experience of being in front of children – Jill definitely took the lead and was very supportive